Mar 24, 2011

A Vision of Libya's Future. Is this Prophecy?

One night in July 2007 the Lord shared His revelation concerning Libya. He began that journey by letting the Holy Spirit take me deep within myself. I began, little by little, to feel and realize the extent of my own inward
darkness. At the same time, I realized that the only way to expel and conquer such a deep inner darkness, would be in meeting my daily need of new light and insight in the Holy Spirit each day. Then, the darkness of my heart will be healed by the light of the Lord's grace.

Then the Lord Jesus came to my room and took me to a high place, a place of great heights. As I walked with Him I felt like a small child, so protected and secure, a feeling that words cannot express. He was seriously intent on taking me to new heights with Him.

I asked the Lord, "Why are you so intent on taking me to new mountains and heights?" He looked me in the eyes and said very straightforwardly, "I want you to be like my servant Moses, to climb many mountains and heights with Me, and to make effort, until the things that I want you to convey to many people and nations are fully revealed to you."

The Lord began to take me deeper and deeper into Himself, not only on the emotional level. I saw myself literally entering more and more into the depths of His being. It was then that the Lord told me, "This is the point of breakthrough and you have to grasp it, my son. The real breakthrough is when you begin to enter into My depths, and you realize the extent of My deep love for you and you have your security and protection in Me alone." In response, I surrendered to His warm embrace and a wonderful sense of paternal care enveloped my whole being. As I surrendered to Him, I felt a surge of clarity in my mind. Here, the Lord personally put His hands on my mind and said, "Let your thoughts be as Mine, and let My vision illuminate
your mind."

In the meantime, I began to see a very strange vision. I saw a very dark village surrounded by extremely thick darkness. The Lord spoke, "Do you recognize this evil land from where Arius the heretic came? Arius wanted to shake My church's belief in the truth of My divinity as the only Son of God and who wanted to nullify My church's faith in Me as God manifest in human flesh. This evil village is the land of Libya (the modern-day state of Libya in North Africa)."

Then the Holy Spirit spoke, saying, "This land belongs totally to the spirit of the anti-Christ. Evil powers and spiritual hosts of wickedness roam that land in all liberty and with the full consent of the political and spiritual
leaders in that land."

The Lord Jesus asked me frankly, "Will My [spiritual] sun ever shine on the Libyans?"

I replied, "You alone know, Lord."

He said, "What did My servant Ezekiel do when he saw no hope? when he saw that valley of very dry bones? He released God's prophetic word on that land for the land was in need of God's prophetic word."

The Lord continued encouragingly, "Libya is in need of a new conquest through God's prophetic words. Indeed, a new prophetic war must be waged so that the devil's strongholds in Libya are destroyed. You must send new prophetic writings proclaiming My purposes for Libya and My heart's desire for Libya. I will give you, as God's prophetic mouthpiece for that people, prophetic words to record and send to them. Send other writings confirming the truth of My divinity. The truth of who I am, the Son of the living God. I want you to form a new team of prophets and intercessory prayer warriors. I will send them to the borders of that country to destroy the doors and gates of hell surrounding it, so that its borders are healed.

"I, the Lord, I will open new doors for My people in Libya. I will guide you to new prophetic means by which I will conquer the kingdom of evil which resists Me.

"I will punish that obstinate pagan king (the present ruler of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi), that blind slave of evil. I will throw him into the sea. The Libyan people who have chosen to be subservient to the devil will be the first to break free from slavery to that evil ruler. I will confuse the plans of that ungrateful ruler who is obsessed with the desire to spread his own word, not Mine. I will confuse his plans in the coming time. I will increase the spiritual blindness around him, so that he will never be able to think soundly, and he will die experiencing severe delusions of grandeur. All his ways and schemes will be gone with the winds. He wanted to spread his kingdom in Africa, but his attempts will end in great remorse for I will send my salvation to
those countries"

Then the Lord said to me in person: "Speak and fear nothing, for I have a lot of people in this city."

At the end of the Lord's vision about Libya, He revealed to me the flawed approach of many of His servants in the cause of His kingdom. Many of them come equipped with ready-made, frozen plans; they want to bring about a fiery revival and real transformation in nations that are in need of living fire, not the coldness of death. Therefore, what the Lord has revealed to us, beckons us to receive it in the spirit of prayer seeking His face and presence, that He may reveal to us His ways and strategies which are from above and full of power and life. The world is now in need of such revelation, power and life, so that the nations would turn back to the King of all nations, the Lord Jesus, the heavenly bridegroom! For the heavenly bridegroom is coming back soon.

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