Feb 18, 2011

Bahrain Protests Results in Deaths and A Bigger Revolution in the Muslim World?

A doctor in Bahrain recovers after beating.
The recent unrest in Bahrain has caused world alarm. The recent crackdown has led to several deaths, scores injured, and full hospitals. Doctors and nurses who tried to help the injured in the center square of the capital city of Manama, ended up in the hospital themselves. The country is in shock especially the medical personnel. People are questioning the government and how this could happen in a civilized society. Anger now rages against the government. This anger will last for years to come as people will remember the tragedy of recent days. Social media sites will spread the news, and the government will not be able to squash the anger that will some day boil over. Bahrain, a key oil exporter, is vital to world oil supplies. Unrest in the Middle East will continue to send oil prices higher. World economies will feel the effect. A second recession could result in this unusual turn of events in the Muslim world. People seek hope and peace.

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