Jun 10, 2011

Paint, Pottery, Photography and Illustration Join to Make World Impact

The arts has had a profound impact upon the world. Everyone loves the arts whether performing, technical or visual. Looking at ancient art, we can see that it was an important element to all cultures. In recent times, art therapy has been shown to be a very helpful tool for working with traumatized children. Recent earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, tsunamis, and other natural or human disasters present society with people who need to process and heal from their traumatic experiences.

One organization that is trying to make a difference is OM Arts International. Whether it is through painters, dancers, musicians, potters, photographers, illusionists, videographers or other gifted artist who are specialist in their field, OM Arts seeks to mobilize these people to go around the world and bring a message of hope. For more information go to:  www.arts.om.org

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