Dec 8, 2010

Unknown Reformers Who Impacted the Reformation.

Swingley's church in Zurich.
The reformation began in Switzerland as well as Germany with a man by the name of Ulrich Swingley. Most people are unaware of Swingley but have heard of John Calvin and Martin Luther. Heinrich Bullinger II, just a young student when he took over from Swingley, did a lot of writing and was a great voice in the reformation. Most of the people in Europe are Christian in name only and are simply following age old traditions. Few have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Many churches are empty or are now museums. What happened to the faith of Europe? What effect did the world wars have on this continent? What role did governments play in the establishment of religion? Why did people flee the continent originally in search of religious freedom? Why was there so much persecution of Christians in Europe throughout the ages?

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