Feb 9, 2011

How the Web and Social Media Will Start the Next War

Recent revolts in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Bahrain as seen around the world on TV and the web via the media such as CNN and Al Jazeera have shown us that the world wide web is now the revolutionary weapon of choice. No longer do rebels need weapons of mass destruction. They have weapons of mass communication. No longer can dictators hide behind thick veils that hide their evil actions. The internet has brought into the open the ugly politics that govern many nations around the world. The recent leaks from Wikileaks show that it is only a matter of time before something crucial is leaked that will spark an international conflict. The mass media will then flash the information around the world in minutes, uprisings will result, deaths, and then the images will be viewed by people all over the world. Technology has changed the world like never before.Will the next world conflict be the Muslims against the Jews? Or will it be the West vs. Islam? Or will the next major world conflict will be between Sunnis and Shiites? And will they be fighting over oil, water or the control of Mecca? The world will have to watch and wait, for what the Muslims of the world need is true hope.

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